Sanyo PLC-XL51 (Image courtesy Sanyo)
By Andrew Liszewski

If your office is big on meetings, but short on space, it might be time to upgrade to an ultra short throw projector like the PLC-XL51 from Sanyo. The projector uses a large diameter aspheric lens and a high-precision aspheric mirror that allows for large projections from an extremely short distance, without distortion. From a distance of just 3 inches the PLC-XL51 can actually project an image up to 80 inches in size. So not only is it useful for small rooms where you want to project on a wall, but it can even be handy for architects who want to project a set of blueprints onto a table.

The PLC-XL51 is actually an upgrade to the company’s PCL-XL50 model, and adds Sanyo’s exclusive PJ Network interface which allows you to monitor and operate the projector’s functions from anywhere you have access to a web browser. Other features include a ‘Color Board Mode’ which allows you to adjust the hue when projecting on a colored surface so that it actually appears to be projected on white, as well as a built-in vibration security sensor which sounds an alert when the unit is picked up.

The Sanyo PLC-XL51 will be available come September of this year with a price tag of $3,995.

[ Sanyo PLC-XL50 (previous model) ]


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