By David Ponce

If you’ve ever set foot in a classroom, you’re aware that now and then, when the teacher is making a presentation, he’ll walk right into the projector beam. This casts unsightly shadows on the screen… and this is apparently enough of a problem for Sanyo to warrant an entirely new product: the LP-XL50 projector. This device has the dubious but rather cool distinction of being able to project an 80 inch, 2,000 lumens image from a scant 8cm away. It uses an ultra-short focal lens, coupled with a new propriety optical engine. Additionally, there’s a a pair of VGA inputs, component, S-Video, and composite connectors, and a built-in two-watt speaker.

Rumored price is ¥600,000 ($4,931), to be available sometime in December.

VIA [ Akihabara News ]