Ever read the comments on Reddit whenever some schmo shoots a video with the phone held vertically? Not pretty, right? Even worse is when they start holding the phone vertically, realize their mistake and rotate sideways… Then all you have is a video that forces you to tilt your head 90 degrees in order to watch. It’s stupid. The Horizon app promises to fix these problems forever. Using the phone’s accelerometer, you’re presented with an always-horizontal window that appears even when you’re holding your phone upright. It serves to remind you that the phone is in the “wrong” orientation, and also serves as the viewfinder. Yes, the shooting area will be smaller if you keep shooting while the phone is upright, but it will resize dynamically if you tilt. Actually, no matter what angle you’re pointing the device, the video stays horizontal.

There are multiple aspect ratios to pick from and even filters to play around with. It’s unfortunately iOS only at the moment and it’ll cost you all of $1.

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  1. You know what? Maybe I like shooting vertical videos! Maybe the problem isn’t me. Maybe it’s your TV or computer monitor mounted in an archaic horizontal orientation! To (mis)quote Steve Jobs: You’re watching it wrong. My vertical videos are the wave of the future, and you’re stuck in the past with your old-fashioned horizontal mindset. Think outside the box, sheeple! Surf’s up, space ponies! I’m making gravy without the lumps!