Say Hello to the Little Round Bumperboats



Ever imagined an adventure ride on the waters of the Amazon? If your answer is a resounding yes, then we have an interesting little skiff to show you that will allow you to ride the river wild – on your own! Known as Ultraskiff Angler 360, the bumperboat is a little single-seater with a 360-degree view. Enjoy uninterrupted hours of sheer bliss as you squat in the middle of your very own private floating island without concern for wind direction – because it doesn’t really matter when your boat is round! But don’t think that this boat is a stripped down version of a real boat – it has all the storage and gear that any angler’s vessel needs. The product is currently under limited production, but you can contact the company directly through the contact form on their website (link below) and ask for availability in your city.

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