Scooter Snuggies: Ride in Style and in Comfort


Scooter Snuggies

It’s hard to travel by scooter during winter because of the elements. You could brave the chilly winds by bundling up in sweaters and coats, but that won’t help any when you’re maneuvering tight corners. Electric bikes and scooters are especially popular in China, so you can count on the enterprising Chinese to come up with a solution of sorts: the Scooter Snuggie.

It’s a snowsuit hybrid of sorts that’s designed to cover the chest and leg area of the rider, effectively protecting them from the biting cold. The wearable shields are being sold online on Taobao, which is the country’s largest web-based mall, and are available in a variety of colors and patterns.

Scooter Snuggies1

While the product makes sense, the copy on the Snuggies’ product page doesn’t, as it reads: “We all know that environment is so important to ourselves and our future generations. Natural resources have been depleted in an unprecedented scale.  The environment has been polluted in a way that never happened before. It is certain that the world and all the living organism on it are going straight to hell. But why those in power

Yep, it suddenly ends that way and just leaves you hanging.

VIA [ Inventor Spot ]