ScreenDeck (Images courtesy Able Bay)
By Andrew Liszewski

Life’s all about compromises. You may save a lot of space in your living room by upgrading that massive CRT television to an LCD or plasma, but you soon realize that at least you could use that relic of technology as another shelf. Thin might be in when it comes to TVs, but try putting anything larger than the Wii’s sensor bar on top of a flat-screen and you’ll soon realize you’ve bought more than you bargained for.

But the ScreenDeck from Able Bay promises to give you back what you’ve lost, and have your cake and eat it too. It’s nothing more than a shelf designed to mount to the existing VESA screw holes on the back of your flat-screen TV, assuming they’re not already being used to hold it to a wall, that’s perfect for holding accessories like media players, gaming sensors, antennas and probably the most common use, center channel speakers. At $39.99 available from Amazon at some point, it’s not terribly expensive either.

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