Hey guys, I want to ask you a question. We’ve been approached by our friends at Faveable, asking us if we’d like to feature an automotive column on OhGizmo. They own a separate car site, and are wanting to drive more readers there. The idea would be to come in 5 times a week and write a short article on here, similar to the Faveable column, with some links pointing back to them. I’m concerned that there will be too much syndicated content like this, but at the same time many of you might enjoy the extra content. So I want to leave it up to you all to decide. Do you want to see more automotive news, even if it’s not written by us?


  1. No, please don’t syndicate third-party content, doing so dilutes what makes you distinctive. If I wanted their auto content, I’d read it at the source (I get my auto news from TTAC, by the way).

  2. just happen to surf and snoop out your site, again. my humble take is, unless you are already auto-heavy and looking to lift that auto weight off your shoulder, it is best not. the reason being as Fazal has pointed out. just my 2 cents…

  3. I’d be okay with it if they are not writing articles because they got paid to promote them, if the articles were well written and very interesting, and the content were similar to the ones on this site (aka I don’t want to read full car reviews or something, I’d only like to see articles on car gizmos and stuff like that)