Smart Air Conditioners look awesome, being able to turn on your A/C before you arrive home after a hot day, while still being energy conscious, puts them at the top-tier of things you actually want to be a smart device. But if your old A/C is still running well, there may be no reason to upgrade your entire unit. If you still want that smart capability though, you might be in luck with the Sensibo Sky.

The Sensibo Sky is a small device which can make just about any air conditioner smart compatible, allowing you to turn on and off, as well as set temperatures for your A/C. It does this by acting like a remote (so the one requirement is that you A/C uses a remote). Once setup on an adjacent or opposite wall, the Sky will connect to your phone and can issues commands to your air conditioner by acting as a wall-mounted remote control. It’s even compatible with Alexa and Google commands, and seems to have impressive response times.

The Sky seems like a really cool (haha) device to make your life a little more comfortable. It’s available now for $119, which is a little pricey but could be a worthwhile investment for anyone who’s unlikely to upgrade their A/C unit for a few years.

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