By David Ponce

We’re starting to enter an era where smartphones are moving beyond gaming and Internet browsing and are instead replacing (some would say displacing) technologies we used to travel great lengths and pay great prices to access. The LifeWatch V is an Android based smartphone that comes with an array of sensors that are able to tell you a number of things about the current status of your health:

The tests include one-lead ECG, body temperature, blood glucose, heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, body fat percentage and stress levels as expressed by heart rate variability. Each medical test is presented as an application and, in addition, there are diet applications and programmable reminders for medications. All collected data is automatically and securely saved to a remote server and can be retrieved from the cloud for follow-up anytime, anywhere. Results and historical data can be shared with doctors, family or others on the user’s request through e-mail or text message.

Maybe the only downside in this story is that the LifeWatch V will be using Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), a very outdated OS by now. Although we suppose that if the tradeoff is access to a health monitor that is also able to perform as a decent smartphone, we’ll find a way to deal with the geeky gripes. Unfortunately, pricing and availability haven’t been announced.

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