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Set Your Mouse Upon A Mat Crafted From Solid Steel

Set Your Mouse Upon A Mat Crafted From Solid Steel


By Chris Scott Barr

For most people, a mouse pad is simply a piece of fabric that your mouse sits on. Sure, it might have a picture of kittens or flowers on it, but one is just as good as the next. Others like to make a statement by having something out of the ordinary to set their mouse upon. For those people, I give you the Greenspads.

These are (to my knowledge) the only mousepads to be hand-crafted from solid steel. That’s right, someone actually makes each individual one by hand. The finishing process is said to craft the perfect surface for laser mice. They have a variety of different shapes and sizes (each hefty enough to be used as a real-life weapon if needed), though I highly recommend the Ravenholm. If you’ve ever been to Ravenholm, then you’ll appreciate the design. Prices range from $35-$50 for the available models. You can also contact them for custom work if you don’t see something that suits your fancy.

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