By Jonathan Kimak

It’s really no big surprise that this “unique” alarm clock comes from Japan. The alarm, known as Gun O’clock, lets people shoot their clock with a special gun when the alarm goes off. There are two modes, time mode and attack mode.

In time mode the alarm goes off like a regular alarm with the extremely annoying beeping but also raises up a shooting range target. Then the alarm starts mocking you with a voice message saying “Come on!” The beeping and taunting will continue until you take the infared gun and shoot the target. Then I suppose you can go back to sleep again.

In attack mode you must shoot the target in a certain amount of time and must try to hit the bulls-eye. If you succeed you will get some praise from the clock (It says “Excellent”). The price for the clock is $34 but for now it is only available in Japan for kids over 15.

It does look neat but I wonder if it’s good to have millions of people waking up with the instinct to shoot stuff.

VIA [ Crunch Gear ]