Washable Suit

By Evan Ackerman

It’s a good thing I don’t have to put on a suit to go to work. In fact, if I told you what I usually wear to work here at OhGizmo Headquarters West, I’d have to label this post NSFW and I’d probably get fired, sued, arrested, and deported.

Just kidding.

If I do ever have to get myself a suit, though, you better believe it’s gonna be one of these Shower Clean 100% shower washable suits that require no ironing to look presentable. The suits, targeted (unsurprisingly) toward recent college grads, are designed to be sprayed down with warm water and simply left out to dry. If it were me, I’d just clean the suit with without taking it off, killing two dirty birds with one stone. Brilliant, right? The suits are available for both men and women, and should be on sale in Japan in February for between $260 and $492. Well worth it, I’d say.

[ Konaka Shower Suit (PDF) ] VIA [ AP ]