By Jennifer

Shuffle Master is in the business improving how things are run in the casinos. A few of their products are already being used every day, like their card shufflers and drop boxes, but this is not exactly interesting, right?

I’d like to direct your attention to their Intelligent Table Systems™. Using various products a casino can know exactly what is going on in a card game. For example, the MD-2™ multi-deck shuffler has a recognition system to identify all cards in the deck. (Another point is it reduces card wear due to Patented Platform/Gripper System.)

Then there is the IS-B™ intelligent shoe which automatically reads each card removed from it and keeps a time and date stamped log of the hands dealt, for security. Finally, to top it all off is the Bloodhound™. It “detects and analyzes blackjack play to separate the valuable players from professional ones by precisely analyzing a player’s betting and decision strategy.

Formerly known as Blackjack Survey Voice, Bloodhound identifies all types of cheating and card counting by identifying with mathematical certainty exactly what players are up to.” Oh, it’s also voice activated. The operator narrates the game into a microphone (you know bets, cards dealt, and plays) for the software to evaluate. The Bloodhound can then determine if a player counts cards, tracks the shuffle, catches the hole-card, knows the top-card, and the percent advantage/disadvantage a player has over the house.

Next time you are out at the casino remember, they are know your every move.

Prices: None listed.


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