Simmer Stove


Simmer Stove (Image courtesy Yanko Design)
By Andrew Liszewski

The Simmer Stove designed by Romy Hockley is an innovate take on the traditional stovetop burner and is a definite improvement on the old design. To use the Simmer Stove you place your pot onto the top plate surface which then gently lowers it into the ‘cooking chamber.’ Once the pot is completely lowered you turn on the heat by rotating the ‘control arm’ that’s actually integrated into the pot itself. When the food is cooked the heat is turned off by once again rotating the ‘control arm’ and a simple button click will cause the pot to rise back up again.

Each Simmer Stove burner is designed as a seperate unit which allows it to be installed almost anywhere in the kitchen but the biggest advantage is that it prevents a cooking pot from accidentally being knocked off the stove and keeps the heating elements safely out of reach. And because the Simmer Stove uses induction technology and the insulated ‘cooking chamber’ the heating method is far more effective and efficient than a traditional burner.

The only question I have is how does the Simmer Stove accomodate frying pans or more importantly, Jiffy Pop?

[Simmer Stove at lab.3000] VIA [Yanko Design]