Sizen iM10 (Images courtesy AV Watch)
By Andrew Liszewski

While devices like the PSP and the iPhone feature adequately sized screens for watching movies, the pitiful built-in speakers or stereo headphones option means you won’t be enjoying the same surround sound experience you’d get at the theater, or even at home. Or does it? The Sizen iM10 looks to be about the size of 2 stacked iPod Shuffles and claims to upscale regular stereo sound to a 5.1 surround experience. It apparently relies on a “bass and treble reinforcement technology” known as AST coupled with another technology called DBEX to properly ‘balance’ the sound. To be honest I’m not 100% sure how it actually works, and this whiteboard illustration designed to clear things up doesn’t help. But I am curious how the fake 5.1 surround effect actually sounds.

Sizen iM10 - How It Works (Image courtesy AV Watch)

The iM10 uses a built-in lithium polymer rechargeable battery, and on a single 2.5 hour charge you can expect to get about 7.5 hours of use. And it features a mini-USB jack allowing it to be charged from a laptop if needed. It also has 3 different operating modes for regular stereo sound or 2 x 5.1 modes customized for music or movie playback. It will be available in Japan in 6 different colors for about $90.

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