ski.jpgBy Bruce Eaton

Deciding the humans do not fling themselves down icey mountains fast enough, skier Harry Egger and Formula One engineer Charles Bienz have designed Emma, the balls to the wall backpack/aero shell that allows Egger to ski downhill at hopefully over 250kph with ease.

Combining laser measuring technology in order to fit it snug, Emma, weighing 12 kilos, is made from Kevlar and carbon fiber. They baked it at high pressure and the result is a device that allows Eggar to not only stay in an aerodynamic position but keep his skis on the ground. He is currently trying to break the record of 250.70 kph while forces of over 120 kilos pound his body. The only way he will be able to stop is with parachutes that are housed in the shell… and shooting out his butt

What is truly insane is that Eggar has already crashed: he fell in 1995 trying the same run, without this device, and ended up sliding down the mountain at over 160kph. Still has all his limbs, apparently. Let’s hope it stays that way.

[Emma Ski Shell] VIA [Yanko Design]

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