SkyCaddie SG4 (Image courtesy SkyHawke Technologies)By Andrew Liszewski

I’m no golfer but the SkyCaddie SG4 does make the sport a bit more interesting to me. It’s basically a handheld GPS device that’s completely configured and tailored for use by golfers. Using built-in maps of the course the SkyCaddie provides constant info on the exact distance to the hole no matter how far off your slice may take you. It can also tell you what hole you’re on and what the course looks like for those times when you can’t see those sand traps just up ahead.

The 12 hour battery life should be sufficient for even the worst players and it’s even water resistant if you don’t mind playing in the rain. The large 160×120 pixel monochrome screen is also ideal for viewing even in direct sunlight. To use all the SkyCaddie’s features a map of your golf course needs to be uploaded to the device ahead of time and the company’s SkyCourses catalogue currently has about 11,000 courses in its database. But if your course isn’t available you also have the option of mapping it yourself using the SkyCaddie and an easy to follow tutorial included in the manual.

The SkyCaddie SG4 is the high-end model and is available on the SkyGolf website for $349.95. In comparison the cheapest version, the SG1, is $229.95. You’ll also need to sign up for a membership in order to access the SkyCourses database which runs from $29.95/yr to $59.95/yr depending on what courses you need access to.

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