Alarm Clock

The mark of a good alarm clock app is when people hate it–because then, it’ll mean that it actually works. The newest alarm clock app making the rounds is called Sleep If U Can. It’s funny that they should pose that challenge, because I’m sure most people who get this app won’t be able to once the alarm goes off.

What sets this app apart from the rest is what you’re supposed to do in order to shut it up. There’s no snooze button or password to enter. Instead, you’ll have to get up and take the exact same photo of whatever it was you chose to set as your wake-up shot earlier.

The toilet? Your toothbrush? The insides of your closet? The choice is up to you–just make sure you don’t set the alarm clock beside your bed as your wake-up shot.

The Sleep If U Can app can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store for $1.99.

VIA [ Geekologie ]