“Slim” Compact Bluetooth Keyboard From Brando Is Touted As Being The Perfect iPad Accessory

Slim Bluetooth Keyboard (Images courtesy Brando)

Slim Bluetooth Keyboard (Images courtesy Brando)
By Andrew Liszewski

Apple already sells a compact Bluetooth keyboard that I think is a perfect iPad accessory for those who don’t like using the on-screen option for prolonged periods. It’s extremely thin and lightweight, but since it provides a relatively full-sized QWERTY layout, it’s not necessarily the smallest option.

So as an alternative, Brando is also touting their own ‘slim’ Bluetooth keyboard as the perfect iPad accessory since it manages to cram 52 keys into a form factor no larger than the iPhone. At just over half an inch thick I wouldn’t necessarily call it slim, but it’s slim enough given there’s a rechargeable battery stashed in there. And at just $37 it easily beats out Apple’s own Bluetooth keyboard when it comes to price.

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