No one genuinely enjoys brushing their teeth, it’s just something you do because you have to. At least that’s how we feel about it. But if the tedium of having to move a plastic stick up and down your teeth is just too much work for you, the folks behind the GlareSmile brush have something for you. Featuring three rotating and pulsating brushes, you simply have to glide the head over your teeth and the brushes take care of the rest automatically, cleaning three surfaces at once and speeding the process up significantly. A touchscreen on the handle lets you switch between the different brushing modes, which include ‘sensitive teeth’ and ‘gum cleaning’, among others. Interchangeable heads mean several people in your household can use it, and a clever charging dock means you can keep the entire kit nice and tidy. Smartphone connectivity brings data tracking and analysis, letting you see info like brushing time, pressure applied, and a bunch of other variables for the data geek among you. It’s a reasonable €99 pledge (around $112USD) to get your own, with shipping expected around December of this year.

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