By David Ponce

The Smart Cover for the iPad is one of the best accessories you can get for it; it protects the device, locks it when covering the front and can be used as a stand. But as clever as the design is already, it could be made better. See, when used as a stand, there are only two possible angles: a very shallow angle pointing almost straight up, or a very steep angle with the device pointing almost straight forward. But what if you want something in between? Enter the Smarter Stand. It’s a set of very simple plastic clips that bind two sections of the cover together, preventing them from folding and giving you a ton of new options. Depending on how you combine the clips, you can now rest your iPad at 33 degrees, 45 degrees, or even a shallow 15 degree inclination but with a privacy screen that prevents someone in front of you from seeing what you’re doing.

It’s up on pre-order on the fully funded Kickstarter project for $11 until the early-bird deal runs out, after which it’s $14.

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  1. It’s a neat concept, but I really question the stability of the product. If it had a 90 degree clip as well, I think it might work better.