SmartPants Cover Your Smartphone’s Privates



Most people aren’t aware of it, but they’re actually guilty of indecent exposure most of the time. Because even though your tush remains covered and snug inside your underpants, you’ve forgotten to cover your iPhone’s derriere–and that’s a big no-no in the phonesphere.

We kid. Obviously your phone doesn’t have any private parts (aside from the ones contained within it, both figuratively and literally) but if you want to dress your phone up either way then you can get some of these SmartPants.

Despite its name, they’re not really smart; they’re only ‘smart’ because they’re intended for your smartphones. They’re available in eight quirky designs for your phone’s pleasure, from striped panties to leopard-print thongs. Personally, I prefer the boxer briefs. What about you?

The SmartParts are available online and retail for $3 each.

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  1. They are not available online. They are only available at a certain chain of novelty stores that only serve a few cities in Japan. Hazel Chua did exactly no research before re-posting another person’s article. I doubt she even followed her own link to see the page where they were originally advertised.