By Chris Scott Barr

We all love LEGOs as that awesome part of our past where we could make anything out of blocks. There is now a way to bring that nostalgic part of your life with you wherever you go when you eat. The Snack & Stack utensils are a set of three pieces of silverware with stackable lego-esque handles. These can fit into your lunchbox, picnic basket, satchel, or purse.

Even if they’re not right you for you, they’re awesome for kids, and very easy to keep track of. When it comes to kids, finding the mini version of everything they own and keeping it together can be a pain, so things that stack are definitely a blessing. This set will likely take up less drawer space and will be a lot of fun if you add other LEGOs to them. At $22, these easy to find utensils are worth every cent.

[ FredFlare ] VIA [ Coolest-Gadgets ]