Snakeliner President-Suite RV Trailer (Images courtesy Snakeliner)
By Andrew Liszewski

Recently revealed at the Caravan Salon Dusseldorf RV show, the Snakeliner President-Suite is the perfect recreational vehicle for those who like to look absolutely ridiculous when they pull into a campsite. Its 969 square feet of living space (when fully expanded) is carried on an actual tractor trailer, and amenities include everything you could possibly imagine like central heating, a whirlpool, flat screen TVs in every room, a waterbed, remote window shades and of course satellite TV.

But the options are even more ridiculous and include such luxuries as granite floors, a garage, a motorboat in the ‘cellar’ and even a helicopter landing pad. Not surprisingly the base version of the Snakeliner runs just under $930,000, though I’m sure that can easily be pushed past a cool million with a fully loaded configuration.

[ Snakeliner President-Suite ] VIA [ Gizmag ]