By Productdose Staff

Hello OhGizmo readers, we’re (finally) here (yeah, we belong grouped with those mysteriously silent contributors). David Ponce has been kind enough ask us, the Productdose team, to contribute to OhGizmo. This is a big honor for us, as our blog is pretty new, not yet three months old. We’re geared toward products of all kinds for men, from tech items to clothing to design.

We generally keep our tone loose, and we think this Tiki Tissue Box Cover is a great way to introduce our brand of blogging. Basically, we just think the idea of pulling tissue out of someone’s nose is really funny. And, for whatever reason, it seems even funnier to us when the nose is attached to a stone carving that represents a Tiki god. Are you laughing yet? Stay tuned and we’ll see what we can do for you.