Solar Kettle

Can’t live without hot water? It’s unfortunate, but you’ll have to learn to live without it if you’re traveling or spending some time in the great outdoors. That’s only if you don’t have the Solar Kettle, though.

As its name implies, the Solar Kettle is a portable thermos of sorts that uses the sun’s rays to boil the water stored inside it. There’s no need for any other power inputs, which means you can use it to heat water whenever and wherever there’s sunlight.

Solar Kettle1

So how does the Solar Kettle work? Their official page explains:

At the heart of the solar kettle is an evacuated vacuum tube. This absorbs solar energy, converting it directly into heat which heats the water inside. Each tube is constructed like a Thermos flask, so the heat energy goes in but doesn’t come out.

All you’ll have to do is place the kettle outside in direct sunlight facing south and wait. It will take approximately two hours to boil cold water, but this time is reduced substantially if the water was already heated previously.

The Solar Kettle retails for £35 or about $53.

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