Apple JuiczBy Evan Ackerman

Yesterday I wrote about a solar power pack that wasn’t quite powerful enough to run things like laptops. If you really must have a solar powered laptop, and that laptop is a MacBook Air, QuickerTek’s Apple Juicz will get the job done. In spite of the horrendous misspelling of the word “juice,” the product seems pretty solid. It’s a fold out solar panel that expands from a 10.5 inch square into a 5 foot by 3.5 foot array capable of generating up to 55 watts of electricity, which is easily enough to both power and charge your Air.

I’m not sure why this is a Macbook Air only product; there’s no reason it couldn’t be adapted to power anything else, and 55 watts is a lot of power to play with. That’s enough electricity for two Asus Eees, for example. As it stands, though, you’ll have to purchase a MacBook Air specific adapter ($100) or have QuickerTek modify your existing adapter ($25), and no other adapters are available. The panels themselves will run you a cool $1000 for the 55 watt version, $600 for a slightly smaller 27 watt version, or $500 for an 18 watt version.

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