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Soltronix Solar Powered AM/FM Headphone Radio

Soltronix Solar Powered AM/FM Headphone Radio (Image courtesy Edmund Scientific)By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s a set of AM/FM Radio Headphones that should never need a replacement battery. On top of the headphones you’ll find a solar cell that can operate in as little as 30% of full sunlight. When used during the day with sufficient light the radio is strictly powered by the solar cell and any additional power generated is used to ‘top off’ the rechargeable battery.

One hour of charging in full sunlight should yield about 1-2 hours of use when only using the battery. And when fully charged you can expect the battery to work for over 18 hours. If they could find some way to make these headphones charge up an iPod or other MP3 player I think they’d have something really popular. But as strictly an AM/FM radio I don’t think too many people will be rushing out to buy one. Especially since they’re $49.95 from Edmund Scientific.

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