Sony Xperia ZImage via Engadget.

The long wait for the Xperia Z is almost over. Sony CEO Kaz Hirai delivered some good news at the D11 conference when he announced that Sony’s flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z, will be arriving at US carriers shortly. With him was Phil Molyneux, who added that further details on the announcement will be provided in the “coming weeks.” Neither named any specific carriers nor did they expound on the actual date on the phone’s release, but at least we’ve got confirmation that it’s going to be sometime soon.

Sony Xperia Z-

When asked about how Sony would differentiate the glass-backed and waterproof Xperia Z to the US market, Hirai didn’t go into specifics but said that they had “more work to do.” He, however, pointed out that the Xperia Z was the best-selling smartphone in Japan for six consecutive weeks, saying: “We were able to do that — it’s above and beyond Sony technology. It’s the Sony brand. Think about the marketing prowess we bring.”

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