Chair Sofa Bed
By Evan Ackerman

If you live in a teeny little apartment, or even if you don’t, this combination furniture might come in handy. Depending on how you fit the pieces together, you can create chairs and a low table, a sofa, or even a bed. My only real question is what materials would be used, since I don’t generally fall asleep on two chairs and a table. Unless I’m in class. Anyway, I’d like to see some additional sets that you can combine in different ways to make more furniture, and perhaps if you collect them all, you could make some sort of super ultra badass, uh, combination sectional and loveseat.

[ sdesignunit ] VIA [ Neatorama ]


  1. Looks like a nice idea, but there are few things I find more annoying than a table I can’t get my knees under while sitting at it. Having to reach 2 feet to my cereal isn’t much fun.

  2. I really think that these designers should look at the bigger picture, rather than come up with something so gimmicky. Just looking at the rendering, I can just imagine how hard it is for one person to use…
    People that are into design fall into a very specific pattern that always starts with lighting and furniture. In other words… the designer is a newbie… I was like that myself. That is why, as designers we must strive to create something different, new, and engaging, rather than something so cliche. I would just like to end this with…
    Who really needs another chair?
    -Fellow Designer

  3. that is beyond cool, because everything related to tetris falls into that category. but I am assuming the chair is very uncomfortable and like someone said you have to reach really far to touch the table.

  4. They look simple and outstanding. Those who love simplicity would definitely be your customers. As said, they would suit for people whom place is a constraint.

  5. Too bad you think that way. It is a way to use your space more effectively if you do not have that much to begin with.¬†Apparently everyone needs another chair to replace an old and/or outdated one, nothing last forever in our throw away society. This, though, looks a lot like Children’s furniture.¬†It would be better if they had someone demonstrate it or at the very least show measurements.