Space Projection Alarm Clock


Space Projection Alarm Clock (Image courtesy Discovery Channel Store)By Andrew Liszewski

Astronomy’s just not as fun in the daytime so if you’ve got a kid who’s been staying up late into the night to watch the stars, this Space Projection alarm clock should help get them out of bed come morning. Besides the backlit amber LED display the clock will also project the time on a wall or ceiling, as well as one of three ‘galactic images’ including a full moon, a starry sky or the planet Saturn.

The clock’s alarm can also be set to one of three digital spaceship sounds including ‘transport’, ‘ping’ or ‘analyze’ which makes me wonder if it’s actually trying to encourage a love of space or a love of Star Trek. On a side note, do today’s kids really need alarm clocks? When I was younger I never actually used one until I got to high school. Before that, getting a few hours of cartoon watching in before having to go to school was more than enough incentive to get me out of bed at the crack of dawn.

The Space Projection Alarm Clock is available from the Discovery Channel Store for $29.95.

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