by David Campisi

According to MadPax’s website, these backpacks were designed with an aim for the punk aesthetic, but I know a koopa shell when I see one.  The backpacks will certainly stand out in a crowd, if not by the neon bright colors, than the sheer awesomeness of spikes coming out of what is essentially a giant turtle shell.

The Spiketus Rex (latin for “King of Spiketus”) line of backpacks feature two side pockets, One giant zip opening to the interior and a smaller pocket inside for keys or money.  MadPax offers the leather backpack in 4 sizes and a dozen or so colors ranging from “Got your Black” black to “My Spicy Mustard” yellow.  The big 17”x12”x9” Full packs run at $60, but you can get the lunchbox sized “Nibbler” for $28, or the even smaller “Mighty Bite” for $15.

[ MadPax ] VIA [ Technabob ]