Spiky Vest To Preserve Personal Space In Public Transport



An enduring bastion of the socialist utopia, public transport also represents an essential infrastructural element of any major metropolis. And for those slightly xenophobic daily commuters that have to endure being crammed right up against other human beings for a short while, it can be an unnerving experience. Design student Siew Ming Sheng from Singapore recognized this and created the above jacket to address the situation. Called Spike Away, the non-piercing and non-dangerous rubber spikes are meant to encourage others to stay away and give you your personal space right back. It’s made from a product which is normally used to keep pets away from plants (perhaps fittingly?), attached into a vest shape through zip-ties.

It’s intriguing at the very least, if not appropriate or even practical. Space considerations are the main drivers for overcrowded train wagons, and if everyone wore one of these, the efficiency of the entire public transport system would be greatly affected. Still, it does make a statement about one of the indignities of modern urban life and serves as a visual reminder that efficiency often comes at a price.

There doesn’t appear to be any plans for commercialization, thankfully.


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