The following article is sponsored by LG. – Ed.

Whether you like it or not, it looks like 3D display technology is here to stay. When well implemented, it actually adds to the experience, and more movies and TV shows are now coming out in 3D. I actually enjoyed Avatar in 3D, more so than in traditional flat mode. And while it’s also pretty obvious that some games benefit from the added dimension, one has to wonder what else can be done? LG has decided to start some experiments to answer that question. They created LG 3D Studios and in their debut project, they tackled the Facebook feed.

It took the form of an application which converts all the posts on your feed into three-dimensional stacks of varying heights. Each stack’s height and width is determined by the number of likes and comments, visually drawing your attention to the items that may warrant it most. If you select a particular stack, you can navigate the post using your hands and participate in the conversation with a connected keyboard.

Wondering what it looks like but don’t have a 3D TV? That’s alright, LG has made the app available for you to try out either in 3D or not. I just gave it a go, and it works just as it’s supposed to. If you like it and have ideas of your own on how and what LG could be doing with this particular app, just let them know: there’s a form for that on the app.

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