SportairUSA iCub Light Sport Aircraft Simplifies The Cockpit With An iPad


SportairUSA iCub (Images courtesy SportairUSA)
By Andrew Liszewski

I haven’t quite found my killer app for the iPad just yet, but it looks a few pilots might just have. The new iCub light sport aircraft from SportairUSA features an iPad smack dab in the middle of the cockpit’s instrument panel that not only simplifies the layout of dials and displays, but also provides an almost infinite amount of functionality. The iPad in the iCub comes pre-installed with a host of useful flight-oriented applications including WingX Pro7 navigation software, ForeFlight Mobile HD which provides extensive maps of airports and approaches, iHUD which is a virtual heads-up display and even various apps for emergencies including first-aid and survival guides. Those latter apps of course only being useful if your iPad survives said emergency.

And since the iPad and all of the installed apps will be included in the price of the iCub aircraft, there’s no info on what the whole package would have cost. But suffice to say it’s probably a lot cheaper than your standard aircraft GPS unit which can run in the thousands of dollars, which in turn makes the aircraft itself cheaper.

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