Sporthocker – A New Sport That Revolves Around Sitting On A Stool

Sporthocker (Image courtesy Sporthocker)

Sporthocker (Image courtesy Sporthocker)
By Andrew Liszewski

In keeping with this week’s unofficial theme of strange new sports like 360ball, today we bring you something truly unique and original. The sport is either referred to as ‘Sporthocker’ or just ‘Hockern’ for short, and involves the use of a specially designed stool called a ‘Hocker’ that one performs tricks with. Think of it as a hard to describe mix between skateboarding, juggling, hacky sack and um… sitting. The easiest way to understand it is to simply watch the video I’ve included below.

Now here’s the deal, I’ve been on this internet thing long enough to know that you really can’t trust or believe anything you see online. And I’m really trying to find any little clue or hint that this is nothing more than an elaborate prank put together by some European comedy troupe, but I can’t. In fact like skateboarding, there already seems to be a wide assortment of uniquely decorated and adorned Hockers to choose from. So who knows, maybe the fad will soon catch on like wildfire and spread around the world. I mean what culture doesn’t like sitting? It could end up being the world’s most perfect sport!

[ Sporthocker ] VIA [ Inventor Spot ]