Archer Air Fresheners


When you walk down the aisle with all the air fresheners in the supermarket, you’ll see sprays and canisters labeled with all sorts of floral and fruity scents. That’s probably what smells good to most people in general, but they’re definitely not scents that a guy would seek out for his bachelor pad or car.

So to all the men out there who have been searching high and low for the perfect (or more appropriate) air freshener, here’s one line for you that you might like. Archer recently released their own featuring three scents that will appeal to most men and a small minority of women: European Sports Car, Distillery, and Hunting Lodge.

European Sports Car
worn leather, excessive horse power, and a hint of aftershave. Bold, handsome, and perhaps a little overconfident at 140 MPH

charred oak, sour mash, and enough bourbon to kill an elephant. warm and inviting, but what isn’t at 80 proof?

Hunting Lodge
hearth stone, gun powder and damp timber. It smells just like it did 120 years ago, because it hasn’t changed in 120 years. Other than the flatscreen and microwave

They’re available online for $14 each.

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