Spy Finder Hidden Camera Detector (Image courtesy Spyville.com)By Andrew Liszewski

So you want to indulge your paranoia about being spied on but at the same time you don’t want to shell out the $500 for this Wireless Camera receiver we wrote about earlier. Well you’re in luck. For only $99 (summer sale price) you can get yourself the pocket-sized Spy Finder which will allow you to easily search for hidden cameras in the gym locker room, department store dressing rooms or even at work.

The Spy Finder works on the principal of optical augmentation which basically means that any light reflected from a device that is capable of focusing will bounce directly back from where it came. As a result the Spy Finder uses a ring of ultra-bright LEDs to illuminate the lens of any hidden cameras. Simply look through the viewing port, scan around a room and any bright reflected spots you see could very well be a hidden camera.

The Spy Finder is currently available from BrickHouse Security for $99.

[Spy Finder Hidden Camera Detector] VIA [Techie Diva Guide to Gadgets]