Spy Kite (Image courtesy Gadgetshop)
By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s another low-tech gadget for the spy who’s on a tight budget. If you’ve ever gotten a quote for a custom geosynchronous spy satellite, you’ll know that the price tag is usually well beyond what a non-government funded spy can afford. So here’s a decidedly simpler and considerably more affordable solution if you’re looking to do a little aerial reconnaissance. The Spy Kite features a delta wing kite made of fiberglass and ripstop material that’s capable of lifting a compact digital camera over 80 feet into the air. Presumably the camera can be remotely triggered using the kite’s handle, and I also assume the 80 foot altitude is only a limitation imposed by the wireless remote.

Once the kite is returned safely to the ground the digital camera can be connected to your PC via USB for downloading your shots, but I have no idea how many photos you can take or what the resolution is like. Though with a price tag of about $57 from Gadgetshop, I wouldn’t expect too much from it.

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