By Evan Ackerman


The next time you find yourself spoonless and craving a single serving pudding cup (and in New Zealand), you may be able to snag some of these CrushPaks. Rather than relying on a utensil, just shove your face in and squeeze, trying not to choke on the pudding as you inhale. According to the designers: “It can be manufactured on existing form fill seal or pre-forming equipment and requires no special tooling or materials. In fact CrushPak’s unique design means less plastic can be used than a conventional container, up to 36% less.” I’ll confess to being slightly confused as to how more surface area translates into less plastic overall, but in any case it means more puddin’ for the slurpin’.

Look for an exclusive review of this exciting new product next week, as I travel to New Zealand in search of novel forms of pudding packaging (among other things).

[ Inveratek CrushPak ] VIA [ Core77 ]