Wouldn’t it be great to have a phone stand that can fold up to the size of a credit card and could fit easily into your wallet? Well, I had that Idea last year, and it was going to be sweet. Well, now there’s also StandEazy, (dumb name, I would’ve come up with something better) it’s made of metal and has a hinge that can supposedly last up to 80,000 bends, though mine would’ve easily lasted 85,000.

It’s a great idea as you never know when you might want a phone stand. Maybe you’re stuck somewhere, or you’re trying to watch a YouTube tutorial about fixing a car and boom, instant phone stand. Plus, it’s not built into your phone case, so it doesn’t add any bulk to your device. The StandEazy can even hold tablets, just like mine.

It was successfully funded on Kickstarter to the tune of £66,000. Haha, what? I’m not bitter that he had his funded and I never finished mine. What makes you think that?

$18 each. Hit the jump to see my prototype that didn’t end up making £66,000 online.

My Prototypes for the same exact thing.