Cloaking Clothing

In this day and age, people with the right hardware and technology could probably trace your location at any given moment. They could take images of you covertly, and it won’t matter if you’re out on the streets or in the office or in your private bathroom. Drones are everywhere, cameras line most street corners, and communications are easier to intercept now more than ever.

There’s reason for concern, and designer Adam Harvey isn’t afraid to voice out his with his newest collection called ‘Stealth Wear’, which is more of a statement than anything else.

One of the garments is the ‘anti-drone hoodie’, which is made from a metalized material so that drones which use thermal imaging won’t be able to spot you. It also comes with a cell phone pouch which blocks cellphone signals, so that no agencies can trace your whereabouts.

Harvey explains: “Military technology is coming home from the war. These pieces are designed to live with it, to cope with it–to live in a world where surveillance is happening all the time.”

VIA [ Dvice ]