The cost of things like Bluetooth chips is constantly dropping, which means they can start being used in more and more products. The StickNFind Bluetooth stickers are meant to be relatively inexpensive coin-sized stickers that you affix to pretty much anything you want to keep track of. It uses low-power Bluetooth and has a range of 100ft. With a couple of well thought out features, this makes for a pretty useful product. First thing it does is to simply let you play a game of “hot or cold”, indicating on a radar-like display whether you’re getting closer or farther from the tag you’re trying to locate.

Of course, sometimes you may not be within range of a particular tag, so the “Find It” feature sends you a notification once it comes within range. Aside from letting you find objects, this feature allows for some creative uses like notifying you of when your significant other pulls up in your driveway, or alerting you when your luggage comes out of the baggage carrousel.

Finally, the Virtual Leash feature does the exact opposite and sends you a notification when selected tags go out of range. Perfect for pets, or heck, even kids.

Currently undergoing funding on IndieGogo, a starter kit of 2 StickNFind stickers is $35, while 6 will set you back $90. If fully funded, delivery is scheduled for March 2013.

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