Stratosphere's SkyJump Ride (Image courtesy Gizmag)
By Andrew Liszewski

Most of the rides at Las Vegas’ Stratosphere are pretty tame, except when you take into account the fact they’re perched atop the 1,149 foot tower, which makes them a tad more thrilling. But I don’t think any of them will provide quite as much excitement, or sheer terror, as their new SkyJump attraction. For a mere $99.99 you’re taken to a platform somewhere near the Stratosphere’s observation deck, attached to a set of safety cables including one connected to a decelerator, and then allowed to jump where you’ll enjoy 855 feet, or about 100 stories, of controlled free-fall before you’re slowed to a safe stop on the ground.

The ride will be opening to the public sometime this month, and since the entire experience, including a brief safety lesson, takes about 30 minutes, there’s a limited number of people who can jump every day. So you might want to check out the availability calendar on the SkyJump website before you psych yourself up to take the plunge.

[ SkyJump Las Vegas ] VIA [ Gizmag ]