By Chris Scott Barr

Windows 7 will be hitting stores in just over a month, which means that lots of people will be looking to upgrade. If you happen to be a college student, Microsoft has announced that you will be able to upgrade to the newest OS for just $30 for a limited time.

Very soon students will be able to pre-order their upgrade copy of Windows 7 Home Premium for just $30. The only requirement is that you have a college email address. Then, on October 22 you will be able to download your copy and install it. Sure, some schools already have programs in place that hook students up with copies of Windows, but this will make sure that every student has a chance to get in on the deal. The offer is good until January 3, 2010.

[ Microsoft ] VIA [ Neowin ]

Note: The Offer is good in the UK as well for £30. The US offer site doesn’t appear to be showing the info yet, but the UK one is working.