Get rid of those sweatshirts and jeans and pull on the Suitsy instead. It’ll instantly transform your look from drab to dapper because, really, what guy looks bad in a suit? But let’s backtrack a little as to how it came to be.

Regular suits are far from being comfortable, which is something real estate expert Jesse Herzog knows firsthand. After wearing suits for 10 years, which was expect of him because of his job, he decided to make something that looks just as sharp minus the discomfort. That’s when Suitsy came into the picture.


Suitsy is a one-piece suit that you can pull on and zip up in a matter of minutes. The zipper is hidden behind some clever layers, so no one will be any wiser. Since every part is connected (the shirt to the jacket and the shirt to the pants), you don’t have to layer like you usually do. Now isn’t that something else?

Suitsy is up for voting on BetaBrand. Want to see it get made? Then vote for it.

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