Sunlight Direct Hybrid Solar Lighting


Sunlight Direct Hybrid Solar Lighting (Images courtesy APPA)
By Andrew Liszewski

All I can say is that I’m really glad power and utilities are included where I live because I can’t imagine what my monthly bills would be like otherwise. If I ever end up living in a place where I actually was responsible for paying the power company each month I would most definitely have these hybrid solar lights installed.

The idea is pretty simple. Small, satellite dish-sized solar collectors that are capable of tracking and focusing the sun’s light are installed on the roof of your building. These dishes are then connected to fiber optic cables which carry the sunlight to special hybrid solar lighting fixtures that can provide as much light as a standard lightbulb would. Of course for days where little sunlight is available the fixtures also include regular electric lights to compensate, hence the term ‘hybrid’.

[Hybrid Solar Lighting] VIA [SlashGear]


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  2. I want this in my house 🙂

    Why on earth would people want to be on the grid 24/7 and dependant on it is beyond me. Offices especially (and government buildings) can afford this stuff so why dont they?