Super Collar (Image courtesy Taylor Gifts)
By Andrew Liszewski

This supposed ‘Super’ Collar precariously walks the line between being a useful gadget and a useless novelty item. But I think it manages to lean enough towards the former to be worth consideration. Particularly if you’ve got a larger canine who can be a handful and needs to occasionally be restrained.

It’s a replacement dog collar that features a built-in retractable 3-foot leash that you can quickly extend to keep your pup in check. The extending lead is also covered in wound steel cable so it can withstand “100s of pounds of tugging pressure” and the fact that it’s tethered to the collar in two places certainly doesn’t hurt either. And because taking your dog for a long walk with a 3-foot leash isn’t ideal, the collar also has a standard D-ring for use with traditional, longer leashes. Available from Taylor Gifts for $39.98 in medium and large versions.

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