By Chris Scott Barr

Chess is a rather timeless game. I can think of few other games that are just as old and are still played as much as this one. The best part is that the game pieces can be modified to reflect just about any part of pop culture. This particular set has a Super Mario theme.

This $40 set would be go well in the house of almost any video game geek. You’ll find many of the classic characters ready to duke it out on the board. There are two things that I find rather odd. First, the pawns seem to be represented by coins. Since when are coins used as a weapon? Second is that you’ll find Luigi in the queen’s spot. This just raises a whole host of questions that I’m not even going to touch.

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  1. 1. Well, If I'm not mistaken, isn't baby Bowser in the other queens spot? I don't see anybody whining about that.
    2. It's not so much the king's wife/girlfriend, as much as his second in command. And besides, Luigi's just awesome , since that way he can go in any direction.