By Evan Ackerman

Solid state hard drives just feel like the future, don’t they? Light weight, extraordinarily durable, low power consumption, and no moving parts which eliminates that “thinking” noise that you’re probably used to your computer making when it’s trying to index your porn collection. Generally, they’re also much smaller and more expensive than conventional old-school magnetic HDs, but Super Talent’s MasterDrive 2.5″ SSDs aim to give you a usable amount of storage for an affordable price. You can go for either 64 gigs for a MSRP of $180, or 128 gigs for about $300. Read/write speeds are a respectable 100/40 MB/s. These prices and capacities finally (finally) start to put SSD in serious competition with platter drives.

My advice? Spring for a small SSD in your laptop, and then just get yourself a nice hefty RAID system to store all of your gig-munching multimedia. No word yet on release date.

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